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Today I Learned

I’d like to try writing articles by lowering the hurdle again.

Two pieces inspired me

Recently, I found a really awesome project “Simon Willison: TIL” and read this article “Is it worth writing about? | notes.eatonphil.com”.

When I first found the first one, which is full of tips related to programming, I found that’s what exactly I want/should create here. I’ve been learning many TILs every day for years, and I was hoping to share such knowledge here like others do which benefits me every day. However, what I could share was only a few articles, and I’m still missing many opportunities to share continuously.

The second article was coincidentally citing the above TIL project and encouraging to write text at ease. This article inspired me enough to write a new article, that is this article. Some of my articles already had a form of TIL. And now I want to try writing more TILs.

Lower the Hurdle

I suspect the most obstacle to writing something is the effort required to start writing text. Just starting writing a few sentences, it becomes much easier to continue to compose sentences. So I probably should automate the initial part of the preparation for writing, meaning automation from launching the editor, creating a Markdown file named today’s date, and filling metadata.

I’ve already automated the process of publishing so the only thing I have to do is just make a new commit. If I automate the beginning part (preparing writing) same as the end part (publishing), maybe I can write more to provide knowledge and thought to others. I believe that, in turn, will benefit me.