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Writing Takahē Article for gihyo.jp

It was already a half year ago, but I had an opportunity to write two long articles about Takahē in Japanese on the website gihyo.jp, managed by Gijutsu-Hyoron Co., Ltd. (技術評論社), one of the famous technical book publishers in Japan:

  1. 情報発信に便利で軽量なActivityPubサーバー「Takahē」[前編] ~特徴(マルチドメインサポート)の紹介と、クライアントアプリElkからの利用 | gihyo.jp (en: Google Translation)
  2. 情報発信に便利で軽量なActivityPubサーバー「Takahē」[後編] ~基本的なアーキテクチャと特徴的なコンポーネントの紹介と、サーバーの構築方法 | gihyo.jp (en: Google Translation)

where I introduced Takahē’s features and the overview of ActivityPub/Fediverse, I also presented its interesting components and libraries as well as the server usage with Mastodon Client Elk.

It took much time than expected as I came up with many topics while writing and the article length got much longer than the initial plan. 😅

But it was a wonderful experience as I was able to introduce little-known Takahē and its interesting architecture at that time to the Japanese tech community and learn/explore more about ActivityPub/Fediverse, Django, and many other communities in depth at the same time.